The Importance of Wastewater Treatment


A lot of people don't think much about wastewater treatment. Although people use their sinks, toilets and shower every single day, not all give time to think where does the used water goes and what happens to the water. In this article, you will know essential information about wastewater treatment plants and tanque, as well as how they help keep the planet healthy while they provide for the basic needs.

The used water is drained down the toilet, sink or tub which runs through the drains and pipes till it reaches the sewers. These will carry the wastewater away and deliver to the treatment plants.

Water belongs to two separate categories. The first category is blackwater, which is from the toilets containing urine or fecal matter. The matter present in this type of water should be decomposed. The second category is greywater which comes from the washing processes requiring water like the washing machine, sink and shower. After the treatment, this water can be reused in watering plants and flushing  toilets.

The wastewater that goes to a treatment plant with various equipment like bomba dosadora will have three processes. The first process in the primary treatment. It is in this process wherein it is contained in a quiescent basin allowing it to separate. The solid will drift into the bottom of the bottom and the greases or oils will float. These elements will be removed and allows the water to go through the next process.

In the secondary treatment, the biological matter which has been suspended or dissolved in the water will be removed. This is often done with the use of water-borne micro-organisms which are held in the controlled habitat. In some cases, the separation process is again done in order to remove the micro-organisms before it will go to the next process. 

The tertiary treatment which is the last process, the water is prepared to enter again in the earth's water systems. This can happen through disinfecting the water (physically or chemically). After, the water will be discharged into the river or stream. But this can also be used for other reasons like irrigation for an agricultural land or golf course. Once the water is clean enough, then it is reintroduced for groundwater recharge.

There are actually several steps involving in each treatment to properly treat the water before it will be reintroduced into the system. Wastewater treatment plants play a very important role in the water systems. Without them, then we should sure face water contamination that can be very harmful to all the people in the world. For more information, please read this article at .